Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lost Cove

Lost Cove is an abandoned community hidden behind a ridge half way down the southern side of the Nolichucky Gorge. Many reasons have been given for its dessertion. Some say a Tuberculosis epidemic hit the camp, while others maintain the remote location made educating the children an impossibility. Its location in a remote spot on the Tennessee/North Carolina border made it an ideal spot for early moonshiners.
Today, old building remnants and a grave yard still exist their. Long linear rockpiles run down the ridge in a few places, possibly from previous logging operations.
One thing is certain, there is a mysterious and haunting feel to the area. It has been used more recently by hunters and others and has been somewhat degraded.
We took a Sunday and hiked up the RR tracks and up the ridge to see for ourselves. The pics are amateur and don't do this place justice. Information regarding the truths of Lost Cove is still elusive.

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