Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Green Race 2006

The 2009 Green Race is just around the corner. These pictures were taken by my wife at the 2006 race.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lost Cove

Lost Cove is an abandoned community hidden behind a ridge half way down the southern side of the Nolichucky Gorge. Many reasons have been given for its dessertion. Some say a Tuberculosis epidemic hit the camp, while others maintain the remote location made educating the children an impossibility. Its location in a remote spot on the Tennessee/North Carolina border made it an ideal spot for early moonshiners.
Today, old building remnants and a grave yard still exist their. Long linear rockpiles run down the ridge in a few places, possibly from previous logging operations.
One thing is certain, there is a mysterious and haunting feel to the area. It has been used more recently by hunters and others and has been somewhat degraded.
We took a Sunday and hiked up the RR tracks and up the ridge to see for ourselves. The pics are amateur and don't do this place justice. Information regarding the truths of Lost Cove is still elusive.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mount Ranier, Washington

This was a trip I recently took with my family to (in my opinion) one of the greatest places on earth, Mount Ranier National Park. The pictures include those from a hike to the alpine lakes around the mountain, the lodge itself, my brother in law Josh performing feats of strength and agility, and a hike to camp Muir that his brother Seth and I did one morning. I must add that the best pictures are those taken by my father which are obvious due to his photography skill and his Nikon 300. Robby, the waterfall and creek are the Ohanapecosh river which I ran with Paul and Jason. We didn't run the waterfall, but you can see video of it being run on the Demshitz blog.